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Organic fertilizer

out of fermented chicken manure in pellets

   Fermented granulated chicken manure - is shredded and dried by high temperature manure which is pressed in pellets. Granulated chicken manure is complex organic fertilizer with the full set of macro- and microelements in chelate form with a useful ground microflora. It contains humates, fulvic and amino acid, vitamins, natural phytohormones that stimulate growth and strengthen the immunity system of plants. Manure is noted for its universality, it can be used for any kinds of plants, in any soil. From all types of organic manures the granulated chicken manure is concerned to be the most valuable. Its nutriments are in optimal for plants and ground microflora combination, well diluted in water, easily assimilated. Granulated fertilizer is concentrated manure because in the process of treatment the amount of raw materials reduced more than in 10 times at the expense of water removing and increasing of its density during pressing.

The form of issue:
pellet 8*20-30 mm
-bags 25 kg
-big bags - 1000 kg
Price for 1 ton - €
Specification figures:
-organic matter – 75-85%
-humidity – 10%
-chemical composition – NPK 5:3:3
-acidity – pH 6,6

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