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production and sale of organic fertilizer

   With modern equipment, advanced technology, knowledge and skills of qualified professionals, our company specializes in the manufacture and distribution of high-quality organic fertilizer, which is the main product of fermented granulated chicken manure.

   Creation of the company, the launch of production facilities, located in the Kiev region and production of the first batch of granular litter was made in 2014 year.

   Sales fermented chicken manure pellets is carried out in Ukraine, but also actively developing export organic fertilizers abroad. We are interested in establishing cooperation with dealers, large and small farmers, farms, networks, specialty stores, corporations and individuals.

   Our products are manufactured from environmentally friendly components, obtained by natural, certified according to the advanced technology. Modern automated production equipment can bring the volume of production of 500 tons per month.
   All products are manufactured, is strict quality control and has all necessary certificates and test reports and accompanied by instructions for use.

Production technology of fermented chicken manure into pellets:

The production process of chicken manure pellets consists of several stages:

  • fermentation
  • separation
  • thermal treatment under pressure
  • drying materials
  • crushing
  • granulation
  • cool
  • sifting and packaging

   After microbial fermentation process for the removal of chicken manure excessive moisture separator used spinning.
   Squeeze raw materials subjected to thermal processing of high temperatures under pressure to destroy pathogens, weed seeds, helminth eggs and larvae of pests.
   Stage chicken manure drying is a drying drum, because when raw mixture is heated air. The output of raw drum humidity is 12-14%.
   The next stage - grinding of raw materials using rotary cutters directly and granulation. From raw material enters the crusher hopper storage. Next is loosening, homogenization and processing of raw steam. Preheat raw plasticity and becomes easily granulated in a press granulator site.
   Additional reduce moisture granules, gaining strength and temperature is cooling. Then, cleaned of dust, granulated pellets packed in containers required.

We are always happy to answer your questions and requests for wholesale and retail supply of products offered.

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