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Organic world starts with EcoTerra

  Welcome to our website that is devoted to manufacture and realization of ecologically pure highly effective organic fertilizers that are so necessary for organic farming.
  Organic granulated fertilizer helps to raise organic agricultural products which do not contain nitrates, pesticides and GMO.
  Recently the humanity has become thoughtful about the importance of the use of organic products that were raised in ecologically pure environment and produced from natural raw materials. It is because except health care and mankind gene pool preservation it helps to preserve nature and environment for next generations.
  We support this motion for preservation and renovation of our planet, with the help of our activity we contribute to revival of soil, purifying of groundwater, getting natural products for healthy nutrition of people.
  Will you support life in “organic” style? Still growing organic products is very easy if to show a preference for organic pelleted fertilizer EcoTerra out of fermented chicken manure.

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